Meet the creator

As a girl that grew up between the boys and a mans world, as a black girl growing up in an all white community, as a muslim girl living in Belgium and as a foreigner in the country I originated from...I’ve always felt like an outcast. I would always try and force myself to fit in to those places for it to not work out. Eventually I took that mentality of don’t go where you’re not wanted.

Prettylittleglow is not only a business,
It’s a community.

I built it up from the ground and it’s a place where I feel wanted, loved, safe and happy.

And those feelings are what I want my customers to feel when they shop with me. I want my products to be associated with self-love, self-care and positive energy.

Remember you are welcome here, you are wanted here, you are safe here and you are loved!❤️ 

Lots of love from the one and only,
Miss Glow